Underworld is a fantasy & horror, medieval, live roleplaying system. Its complex and intelligent rules allow for broad character development including aspects of race, culture, socio-economic background, and faith.

Not for the faint of heart, the Underworld LARP has a minimum age restriction of 18 years of age. Underworld prides itself on a wide variety of plot; from the fun adventures which LARPers have come to love, to those which include mature subject matter and challenging social issues that may be unsuitable for some. All players must sign our Waiver/Health form before playing to ensure that they fully understand their obligations and restrictions.

Underworld prides itself on its diversity and encourages a great time and an educational environment where people from all walks of life can interact and learn from and about each other. Players are encouraged to explore this website thoroughly in order to make an informed decision before participating in our events

Dave Ashby

shbeA mild mannered Network Administrator by day and epic LARP storyteller by night, David Ashby is the Co-owner of Underworld LARP and the current Director of Production. David is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, metalhead, experienced gamer, and all around geek. When not engaging in his day to day hobbies David is normally scheming on new and inventive ways to scare and torment his LARP playerbase. Thankfully they love it. David has been LARPing as a player and a storyteller for over 12 years. His dedication and love of this game drives others around him to push boundaries and excel beyond what they thought capable. He also hates Unicorns. Stupid stupid Unicorns.

Edward Watt

Edward WattEdward Watt has been an RPG fan since he was a teenager, playing both computer and table-top games of all genres. His favourites have always been dark fantasy and horror based games, because of the emotion and intensity that tend to come with them. Introduced to LARPing almost 20 years ago, he has spent time as both a player in other games and an owner of Underworld. Although he enjoys all aspects of running a live-action role-playing game, his primary love is for creating plot and story-lines, especially ones that players talk about years later. He feels that Underworld should not only be entertaining to the player, but also should present challenges and in-game situations that resonate through their character to their out-of-game self. He feels that a good larp should be about more than just the game itself, it should have a friendly community, a professional attitude and should encourage its players to help design the world they play in.

Franchise Information

Not in the area of an existing Underworld guild? Why not start your own Underworld LARP Game! At Underworld we divide each of our games or chapters into “Guilds” and each owner is considered a Guildmaster. Every Guildmaster is given a territory in the real world in which they can run their own events, and collect their own profits. For example, our Underworld Kalidor Guild has control over Edmonton and the surrounding area.

We’re looking to expand in both Canada and the US and we want you to help us. If you’re hard working, a good storyteller, and you think you have what it takes to run the most badass roleplaying game North America has ever seen, then we want you on our team.

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