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Underworld Jericho New Player Social Events!

  Want to try Underworld LARP and not sure where to start? Have questions? Come talk to us! We will have veteran players on hand to answer questions about topics such as rules, costuming, how Underworld LARP storylines work or anything else you'd like to know. If you're a new player, come on out! If you're an older player (playing for more than a year), please only come if you're...
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Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Set in Stone – An Epilogue

The nights are long and what is left of the day remains frigid and desolate. The wild beasts that roam Maud'madir return to their caves to slumber as winter reaches its darkest depths. In those depths awaken memories from a time long before Jericho called the land above, “home”. It is now that the Berphauntian Mining Guild chooses to stake their claim on all that lays beneath. They...
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Underworld LARP to be on CBC’s Dragon’s Den!

Our second attempt to slay..I mean sway the Dragons has an air date. We're creating this global event so folks can view together with their various guilds. Wednesday, January 11th 2017, at 8:00 PM (8:30 in NFLD) on CBC Television for the Second Chance Special. We worked hard and we made the cut! This great news for every guild as this airs coast to coast, prime time on national...
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Underworld Jericho 2017 Season Schedule

January 21st – Tavern night (in Toronto) February 18th – Tavern night (In Toronto) April 1st – Day mod (or tavern night) April 22nd – Day mod (or tavern night) May 12-14 (Full Moon) Weekend #1 June 2-4 Weekend #2 June 23-25 Weekend #3 (Full Moon) July 7-9 (Full Moon) Weekend #4 ** WARCRY August 4-7 ** (in Kalidor / Edmonton) August 25-27 Weekend #5 Sept 15-17 Weekend...
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