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Underworld LARP Presents: Requiem for a Queen

To the loyal Citizens of the Pax Mordabish and their Allies, The forces of Inviticus have attempted once again to weaken and destroy us. And, like all the times before, we have survived. I personally congratulate you on your tenacity and perseverance. As we have said before, you do not fight alone. Before the next full moon our forces in Jericho and Mea Visa will assault Morgaine, the...
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Underworld LARP Presents: Pray for Villains

The Pax Mordabish have successfully seized control over the town of Jericho. Under their iron rule, citizens are used as fodder in their war on Inviticus, the aspect of Hatred. If the Pax Mordabish fail, all life ends. Jericho, and her allies, have little choice but to do their bidding.. for now. Their first target; the Banshee Queen, Morgaine and her choir of death. Jericho’s “missions” for...
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Underworld LARP Presents: A Poison to the Ear

JunePosterC (Small)   War has begun. The anti magic legions of the Pax Mordabish have shattered the beacon. The Curtain, the magical barrier holding back an army of undead, is gone. With no other option Jericho must now stand beside its enemies to face what they deem "the greater threat." The Pax promise freedom and liberation of the oppression that is magic,...
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Underworld LARP Presents : A Pax On Both Your Houses

Greetings Jericho, We, the Pax Mordibish, have pledged to rid these lands from the great evil that will one day infest the entire continent. We have offered you the safety of our armies, and you have rejected us. We have offered you freedom from the Gods and Dragon that have enslaved you, and you rejected us. We have offered you the ability to live your lives free of the danger magic...
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