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Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: The Clarion Call

The snows have melted and life returns to Jericho. Much has changed since autumn’s winds blew through this town. The Kingdom of Berphaunt has annexed Jericho under the promise of repairing the magical leyline that runs through the town’s heart. A cleric of a dark goddess now heads the noble court. Secret and public oaths have been taken, new alliances sworn. Necromancy, wytchcraft and vampirism are now legal....
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Underworld LARP Presents : Autumn Thorns

I am Layyah Aieede of the Pax Arcaniam. We are your friends and allies. To the Pax Mordabish: we are your mothers, your sisters, and your daughters. You have been deceived for too long.

Jericho: You have helped liberate our sisters in Pax Prima. For that we are grateful. Our captors in the Pax Mordabish would have you...
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Underworld LARP Presents : Red Rebel Renegades

The drums of war sound on.. 

Jericho has celebrated a number of key victories in their fight against the Pax Mordabish and, ultimately, the Aspect of Hatred, but the war is not over. 

The protective magics that held back Inviticus are gone and so too is the leash of the tyrannical...
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