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Upcoming LARP events

Underworld LARP Presents : A Pax On Both Your Houses

Greetings Jericho, We, the Pax Mordibish, have pledged to rid these lands from the great evil that will one day infest the entire continent. We have offered you the safety of our armies, and you have rejected us. We have offered you freedom from the Gods and Dragon that have enslaved you, and you rejected us. We have offered you the ability to live your lives free of the danger magic...
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Weekend Events

Sat May 3rd: Day Mod - "She Has Risen" May 30th to June 1st June 20th to 22nd July 11th to 13th (Full Moon) Aug 1st to 4th (4 day) Aug 15th to 17th Sept 5th to 7th ( Full moon) Sept 26th to 28th Oct 31th to Nov 2nd (All Hallows) Dec 6th (High Winter)...
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Underworld LARP Presents : You’re A Mean One Mr. Frost

Mr. FrostHighwinter! Traditionally a time of celebration and family. The horrors of All Hallows are finally behind us and, for once, the good citizens of Jericho can relax and let their guard down. But wait! What is that noise? Did I just hear the jiggling of demonic bells? Was that an icy laugh carried in the bitter cold...
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