– David Ashby
– Edward Watt

Logistics Director

– David Ashby

Director of Production

– Edward Watt

Lead Shapers

– Christopher Robichaud (1st half of season)
– Kyle Fair (2nd half of season)

Shapers (1st half of season)

– Adam Petkovic
– Aaron D Corbet
– David Williams
– Ryan Moreau
– Trevor Moores-Mollica
– Stephen Tsuji
– Tony Bloomdale
– James McNamara
– Will Apostolos
– Tyler Steele
– Kaylea (Mari) Eindhoven
– Kyle Fair

Plot Marshals (coming soon)

Season NPCS (coming in May)

Logistics Marshals

– Nick Rigakos
– Denby Jose
– Rebecca Wiler

Ritual Magic Marshals

– Edward Watt
– Heather Ingram
– Christopher Robichaud

Monster Marshals (coming soon)

Weapons and Armour Marshals

– Talmon Firestone
– Shawn Loader
– Jordan C
– Matt Weaver
– Max Feraday
– Andrew Wood

Medical & Safety Marshals

– Claire Mongeon
– Phillipe Lessard
– Greg Zaharias
– James Aldrey
– Kyle Fair

New Player Liaisons

– Talmon Firestone
– Ryan Moreau
– Elektra Bauer
– Cat Mercer
– Roberto Schmidt
– Adam Petkovic
– John Giuliana

Props and Costume Director

– Claire Mongeon

Character Histories

Conventions and Promotions
– Darcy McAwesome

New Player Liaison

New Player Liaison is the face of Underworld to our new and potential players. A New Player Liaison is responsible for answering emails and questions from new players as well as meeting them, at their first event, to welcome them to the game (When possible). They are well versed in the rules set, our Guild policies, safety regulations and general customer service.

Armour / Weapon Marshall

An armour and weapons marshal is responsible for validating the safety of any and all weapons and armour that come into game. An armour/weapon marshal’s word is final. Once an armour / weapons marshal has approved your weapon and/or arm or, they will apply a signed safety sticker to the boffer or armour tag. No weapon or armour may come into game until it has passed safety.

Safety Marshall

Safety marshals are responsible for ensuring other players and plot are maintaining a safe game environment, that all cast have easy access to first aid kits, and give medical help if it is needed. A safety marshal has absolute authority in an emergency medical situation. A medical marshal must also ensure first aid kits are well stocked and medical waivers have been signed by every player.

Fae Marshall

A fae Marshal’s primary responsibility is to handle all Grove and Henge maintenance as well as a reasonably documented order of the current happenings in the fae realm.

Monster Marshall

A monster marshal’s primary responsibility is to maintain and organize an efficient NPC camp and keep the players entertained during heavy plot downtime. A monster marshal must abide by the same rules as a plot marshal. A monster marshal is also responsible for ensuring that NPC camp is clean after game has been call

Logistics Marshal

Logistics marshals are primarily responsible for logging characters into game to ensure a speedy start time as well as helping new players with rules related questions and character building. A logistics marshal must know the rulebook inside and out and usually is required to spend time between events prelogging characters and answering new player emails.

Props and Costume Director

Our Props and Costume Director is responsible for making sure all our amazing props, clothing, masks, etc are in good repair. They also help create, design and build any new props or costume that we may need to run our day to day events.