• National Post – Photos

    National Post – Photos

    Tyler Anderson of the National Post came out to a full weekend event and captured some amazing images of our players in action! Read the full article here....

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  • Guelph Mercury

    Guelph Mercury

    Back in October of 2013 we visited Genre-Con and were interviewed by Guelph Mercury. Check out the article here!...

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  • ARRG – Ryerson RPG

    ARRG – Ryerson RPG

      “You find people who aren’t asking ‘Why do you have a latex sword?’ but say ‘Cool, you have a latex sword!’” De Crescentiis said. ARRG was founded just...

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  • Toronto Star

    Toronto Star

    Elves and warriors and goblins, oh my! “As often as she can, Jaimy Warner puts on her elf ears, dons armour, grabs her mock sword and heads to...

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  • National Post: How to LARP

    National Post: How to LARP

    “Live-action role-playing, a more widespread phenomenon in Europe, has steadily been gaining prominence in Canada, and the co-owners of Underworld LARP believe their organization may now be the...

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  • Sweat Magazine

    Sweat Magazine

    Victoria Brown from Sweat Magazine covered one of our events on video!...

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  • Global’s 16×9

    Global’s 16×9

    Many weekends throughout the year, hundreds of LARPers head to a farm field near Peterborough, Ontario to spend the weekend as monsters and mythical creatures, acting out roles...

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  • Much Music’s New Music Live

    Much Music’s New Music Live

    LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing and people who participate dress up and act out epic storylines and battles! In lieu of Twilight week, Phoebe headed outside...

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  • SpokeTV


    Underworld LARP : Jericho featured on SpokeTV!  – “Live Action What?”...

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