Underworld LARP: Jericho

Guild Specific Policies


June 7th, 2017

  • New Player
  • Payments
  • Logistics
  • Safety
  • Character
  • In Game
  • Additional
  • Site
  • Cabin and Structures


New Player Guide and Policies


We have an extensive guide for new players that describes what to expect, how to prepare and some policies specific to new players. Due to it’s length we’ve created a second document for it which can be found at the link below.




Payment Policies


First Event is Free


Event fees are waived for any player who plays their very first Underworld event in Underworld LARP Jericho. To be applicable, the player must not have played an Underworld LARP event at any Underworld LARP guild and must play a Jericho character. Boffer weapons will be provided for free if the player does not have any.


Weapon Rental


Weapons can be rented from NPC camp at a cost of $5 per weapon, subject to availability.




Players may do the following and still receive benefits of attendance:

  • Pay cash at logistics and attend the event.
  • Pay cash at logistics and immediately leave the event.
  • Prelog and prepay for an event online and not attend in person.
  • Pay cash for another player at logistics who is attending the event and is with you at logistics.


Players may not:

  • Give cash to another player to bring to logistics and have them pay for you when you aren’t there yourself.


Underworld Jericho considers events that you have paid for but don’t attend to be “attended”. If every character who attended the event takes a death or gets race-changed, your character will too. If you have a special promotion that kicks in, or are suffering an event suspension, paying but not attending will count toward them.




Underworld Jericho does not grant refunds outside of special circumstances. If a player pre-pays for an event then cannot attend, they will still receive character experience as if they did. Frags are never refunded.


Processing Fee


At times, Underworld Jericho retains the right to charge a $5 processing fee for logistics purposes. This fee will be charged for preforming actions outside of normal logistics duties, such as processing a character after pre-logistics has closed, reversing payments or other special requests.


Logistics Policies


Experience purchased through frags is applied directly to a character, as opposed to being placed into the shared guild pool.


A maximum of 2 blankets of experience per event (not month!) may be applied to each of your characters during pre-logistics. There is no limit to the amount of characters you may apply 2 blankets to.


Players cannot apply blankets of experience when pre-logistics is closed.


Transferring of soul frags between players


Jericho does not allow the transferring of soul frags between players once they have been applied. We are happy to split frags from donations to multiple players and you are welcome to “donate” your frags to another player through your donations, however once applied frags cannot be moved.




We require that all player’s PC their first 2 events before they NPC. They are exempt from NPC shifts during this time. This policy exists to allow the player to familiarize themselves with the rules, game world and site.


NPC Shift Policy


In 2017 and beyond we will be continuing with a mandatory NPC system. We have had great success with it, since its pilot in 2013. As a result, we are continuing its use.


Summary: Every PC is expected to NPC a short shift, but may opt-out with frags.



  • All PCs must NPC 1 shift. To opt-out you spend 5 frags.
  • NPC shifts are 5 hours each.
  • NPCing a shift as a PC will earn you 5 frags.
  • Shifts have limited numbers of volunteers. They will be filled first-come-first serve.
  • NPC shifts for PCs begin no earlier than 10pm on Friday.
  • You may select a shift online, in the Underworld LARP database.


Please refer to the shifts in the database each event for shift times. There is the possibility the shifts could change on an event by event basis, due to the specific event’s need for NPCs at different times.


The shifts in the Database have a certain number of slots based on the number of players prelogged. The more people that prelog, the more slots open between the shifts. Your desired shift may be full on the first day of log, but as more people log their character, it may open again. It is good to check back regularly, if you want a specific shift.




  • NPCs who volunteer for the full event will be paid 35 frags. 2 blanket events, such as Halloween, will earn you 70 frags.
  • NPCs can apply blankets every prelog, the same as PCs can.
  • Season NPCs earn 50 frags per event.
  • NPCs can earn frags and spend them each event during prelog.
  • It is possible to pay to PC then NPC the full event, earning full rewards from both. This means you pay for event and get your blanket(s) after game but you also get the frags from being a full day NPC.


Further details:


  • When you arrive for your shift as an NPC, you report to the Monster Marshal. You must sign in or you will not be counted as having arrived for your shift. This will result in you not getting your frags for NPCing. So please make sure you have signed in.
  • Everyone in NPC camp (season npcs, shapers, etc) needs to prelog as NPCs in the database in order to apply their blankets and/or make frag purchases.
  • New players are encouraged to PC their first few events and will be exempt from this policy for their first 2 events.


We believe the rewards detailed above are extremely generous. Our goal is to improve the quality of the game for our PCs, even at the sacrifice of less profit, as we believe a better experience for our customers will translate into more profit, long-term. As Underworld grows and becomes more successful with our attendance we have to make these changes to accommodate the structure of the business and to continue the quality of the game we insist upon having.


Regarding PCs who play heavy makeup races:


  • You’re welcome to put on or take off your own makeup in NPC camp. It’s well lit and we have mirrors.
  • We suggest that you take either the first shift before you put on your makeup, or the last shift and take off the makeup at the beginning.
  • If you prefer the “middle” shifts, NPC camp will give any roles that require masks to PCs in makeup first. We can’t always promise you that there will be mask roles, but if there are you’ll get them first.

Safety Policies


Harassment Policy


Underworld LARP Jericho is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment, in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, are able to contribute fully, and have equal opportunities.


Under the Ontario Human Rights Code, every person has the right to freedom from harassment and discrimination. Harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated, condoned, or ignored at Underworld LARP Jericho. If a claim of harassment or discrimination is proven, disciplinary measures will be applied, up to and including permanent removal from game.


Underworld LARP Jericho is committed to a comprehensive strategy to address harassment and discrimination, including; providing an effective and fair complaints procedure; and promoting appropriate standards of conduct at all time


This Policy prohibits discrimination or harassment on the basis of the following grounds, and any combination of these grounds:


  • Age
  • Creed (religion)
  • Sex (including pregnancy within the first trimester)
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender Identity
  • Family status
  • Marital status
  • Disability (see separate policy on disability in regards to safety, site, and play restrictions)
  • Race, Ancestry, Place of origin, Ethnic origin, Citizenship, Colour
  • Association or relationship with a person identified by one of the above grounds
  • Perception that one of the above grounds applies.


All persons present at a sanctioned Underworld LARP Jericho events are expected to uphold and abide by this Policy, by refraining from any form of harassment or discrimination and by cooperating fully in any investigation of a harassment or discrimination complaint.


Game Owners and Lead Shapers will endeavor to act immediately on observations or allegations of harassment or discrimination.


It is important to note that Underworld LARP Jericho can only ensure and enforce the Ontario Human Rights Code at officially sanctioned Underworld LARP Jericho events.


If you feel you have been the victim of harassment, or if you have witnessed the harassment of another, a reporting system procedure has been put in place to ensure that the Owners of Underworld LARP Jericho can give the issue the important attention it deserves. Any and all allegations of harassment need to be sent via email to: comments@larp.ca


If the matter is pressing, verbal notification is of course acceptable, but for a proper investigation to be conducted a complaint in writing will be required.


All allegations are taken extremely seriously and will be fully investigated. We are not in a position to accept anonymous complaints.


– See more at: http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/guidelines-developing-human-rights-policies-and-procedures/v-anti-harassment-and-anti-discrimination-policies


Thrusting with Latex Weapons


Latex/foam weapons that have been approved by an Underworld Jericho Guild house Weapon/Armour marshal may be used to thrust with in combat. These attacks are only to be used as “Lightest Touch” attacks, where the goal is to make contact with the other opponent, but not deliver a solid strike. Every strike must have a pull-back of at least 12 inches. It is the attackers responsibility to ensure their attack is safe and not harmful to the defender.


Please note that thrust-only weapons (such as spears, polearms) are NOT permitted to be thrust with, only slashed.


Policy regarding pregnancy in Guild Jericho


Underworld Jericho does not allow any player who is pregnant beyond the first trimester to:


  • PC or NPC in any situation where combat happens or has the potential to happen
  • Be at a safety risk due to environmental factors outside of our control
  • Play any roles, including non-combat roles, unless the event is completely non-combat


The dangers of larping are inherent, such as tripping while running through the forest at. For the safety of the baby and the mother and the protection of the game we cannot allow pregnant players to participate in situations where combat is possible and put themselves and their unborn child at risk. We may make exceptions if the player is preforming staff duties, as such as logistics or assisting with makeup and costume in NPC camp all weekend, but those would be case by case decisions.




We are, and always will be, properly insured.


First Aid & Injury Prevention


Safety is very important to us. If you have a current St. John’s Ambulance C.P.R./First Aid Certificate we urge you to let us know so that we can be aware of it in case of emergency.


We have a full Safety Marshal team comprised of volunteer players who sacrifice their game time to ensure everything is safe and no one gets injured. We have two medical marshals on site at all times. There are also two first kits, one in the field and one at the Shaper camp, and we have a fully trained safety to check and double check weapons and armour at the start of every game. Please check our forums to see who your medical and armour marshals are. Any serious medical conditions should also be indicated to Head Shapers or game staff in case of emergency.




Our waiver policy is in place to protect you as much as it is to protect us. Primarily, we use our waiver to draw people’s attention to potential dangers which lie in wait for them at our site; indeed, at any outdoor site where people run and play after dark. We like to think of our waiver as a preventative reminder to all our players to act and behave responsibly. In addition to this, we like to remind people that if they discover any dangerous location or development (i.e. a new wasp nest in a cabin), to report it to us so that we can take steps to remove or minimize the danger.


All players MUST sign a waiver before they will be allowed to play or enter the game site.


Ontario Human Rights Code


All players are expected to behave in compliance with the Ontario Human Rights Code. Infractions won’t be tolerated.


Weapons for Boffer Combat


It’s important to us that all foam weapons and shields are safe, especially arrows! You MUST check ALL your weapons with the weapons marshal at every 3rd event you attend. Arrows and crossbow bolts MUST be checked every event. Sometimes we will go easy on you and ask that something be changed by the next event if we see that the weapon will shortly become unsafe. This NEVER happens with arrows. Do NOT fire an arrow that has not been repaired and rechecked fully!


Disabilities and Underworld Jericho


Underworld Jericho diligently works to make its service accessible to people with disabilities, limitations and impairments while respecting the privacy of its customers. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the activities undertaken some disabilities cannot be accommodated in a safe fashion, and from time to time certain potential players may not be allowed to participate. If you have any concern about whether or not your disability can be accommodated by Underworld Jericho, please contact ownership at comments@larp.ca well in advance of any event you plan to attend.


Character Policies


Character Registration Fee:


The cost to register a new character in Underworld LARP Jericho is $15.  If you’re a new player, that fee can be waived for the first event and can be paid on their second event.  New characters can be created but will be locked and unable to spend blankets until the fee has been processed and approved.


Guild Transfer Fee


Transferring characters between Underworld LARP Jericho to another Underworld Guild will incur a $35 transfer fee


Remorts and Changes to Characters after Rulebook Edits


A Character “Remort” is the rebuilding of your character based on the amount of accumulated Character Points you have you gained. There are two kinds of remort, “Restricted” and “Unrestricted.”


A “Restricted Remort” is granted after rules changes have been implemented to allow players to tweak their character to take advantage of any rules change that may apply. After a rules change has been implemented, a player has up until one month after the next event they participate in as a PC to request a change to the relevant skill. When this is done the skill(s) are removed from the character and the spent CP (character points) are returned to the character pool to be re-spent. In a Restricted Remort, the restructuring of the character must remain true to the continuity, logic and history of the character.


An “Unrestricted Remort” is the rebuilding of your character from scratch. All skills and purchased abilities are removed, resetting the total spent Character Points to 0 and returning those points to the character to be respent. It is very rare for us to allow this, though major rewrites in the rules system will sometimes warrant it. In the majority of cases an Unrestricted Remort does not allow the changing of a character’s class or race.


Changes to racial makeup requirements are “grandfathered” in. This means that if you possess a character of a race prior to a change in their makeup requirements, you may continue playing the character with the old makeup requirements. We heavily encourage players to make the change, however. New characters created after the rule change must use the new racial makeup requirements.


Changes to a character’s racial abilities are applicable for a Restricted Remort if the racial is a (Purchased) racial. Racial abilities which are (Automatic) change on all characters, old or new.


Retirement and Final Death


At any point, (including at their time of death but prior to flipping for final death), a player may elect to retire their character. If a player retires their character they will receive half the experience blankets they have already applied to that character (rounded down) to be used in one of two ways:


  • Those experience blankets will be placed into a player’s blanket pool
  • The player may apply those experience blankets to a new character, or a character which has not appeared in game yet


It is important to note that a retired character does not mean a dead character. When you choose to retire you are giving the rest of that character’s story to the Shaper team and the decision they may make with it may not always make you happy. If your character is important to you, in such a manner that it would bother you to see it’s ending written by another, then we strongly encourage you to take your resurrection flip and see it through to the true end. Anything that happens to your character, after you retire it, is in the hands of the Shaper team and you will not be allowed to play it unless asked to as an NPC.


Level 13 Retirement Cap


Once your character has reached level 13, you cannot “buy back” deaths via the soul frag book for that character. Characters who are level 13 or higher will retire as if they were level 12 no matter what level they currently are. There are no restrictions on when they may retire.


Possessions after final death or retirement


When you retire your character, or suffer final death, all your character’s belongings and possessions that are not on your person, are to be immediately turned in to the Shaper team. You cannot decide what happens to your possessions after you have made that decision (or have had it made for you through final death). This includes your last will and testament, any secret documents or buried treasure you “would” have had on site or anything of the like. There is no issue with players willing away their items to other players so long as they have done it in game, it was documented prior to your death/retirement and that documentation was given to Shaper.


Ethics after Final Death


When you retire or final a character and create a new one, the roleplaying, goals, themes, motives and even friendships of that new character must be dramatically different from the old. We reserve the right to force you to change your new character’s roleplay if they are too similar to your previous character. If you do not heed this warning, we will force a remort on you. You cannot pick up where your old character left off and you should do everything in your power to avoid discussing your old character. This also holds true for two active characters you own at the same time. There can be no interaction between your two characters; this includes using a third party (another player) to pass on information, items or favours. Lack of integrity is what separates a professionally run LARP from an amateur one and we will do everything in our power to maintain it here at Underworld.


Character Race Restrictions


No player may have more than one character in the database of the same race nor can you create two consecutive characters of the same race. The only exception to this rule is the race: Human. You can play Humans back to back and have multiple Humans active. This is because humans are very diverse in culture and it’s easy to make two of them very different, even for new players.


Characters visiting or transferring into Guild Jericho


Visiting or transferring your character into Jericho requires approval. This includes approval for race, class, level, items and magic items plus anything special (vampirism, etc.) or unique to another guild.


If you are visiting Jericho with your character from another guild, you must provide logistics with a list of all items carried into Guild Jericho by your character. This includes but is not limited to:

– Any item worth more than 25 gold, or coin (gold bars, jewelry, items of value, etc.) worth more than 100 gold.

– Magic items

– Unique, important or special plot related items or effects on your character. If in doubt – ask.


Logistics will check and confirm character sheets. Head shapers will check and approve all IG items. Any items used in game without approval will cause a player warning to be applied to the visiting player.


Lost and replacement Tags


Logistics or the shapers will replace damaged tags that are brought to them. Lost tags are not replaced.


In-Game Policies


Retro-Gaming and Rules calls


Retro-gaming is a common term for reversing something that has occurred in game, and it’s also something we attempt to avoid at all costs.


The only time retrogaming is used is when a marshal makes an incorrect rules call. If a marshal makes an incorrect call regarding how a rule works at an event, sometimes events will be changed after the fact in order to fix a mistake that was detrimental to a PC. We will attempt to keep as much of what occurred in game as possible in order to preserve the scene. An example of what might be done is to tell a player whose character died and resurrected that they still died in game, but we would not be applying a death to their card due to marshal error. Or, if a player was able to steal a weapon from another player due to an incorrect marshal call, we may give the victim of the theft a new weapon while allowing the thief to keep the original. In both of these examples players are not told to forget what occurred, instead we simply tweaked the results in order to preserve the actions that occurred in game.


We do not retrogame incorrect rules calls or results made between two PCs or in situations where marshals did not make incorrect calls. If for example a PC uses a defense against magic incorrectly and they die when the defense should have saved them, we will not change that result. Or, if another PC tells you that the healing potion you drank won’t save your life and you die, when it’s discovered that the potion should have saved you we would not return the potion tag to you or retrogame your death. As a player knowing the rules is your responsibility. This is especially true for rules that your character uses such as spells, defenses, skills, racial abilities, etc. When in doubt, please ask a shaper or marshal.


Pretending: Walls, Doors & Locks


All walls MUST be represented with an opaque barrier. Hopefully this barrier is the same colour as the material the walls are made from (grey = stone). Your opaque rep will be the height of your walls. If you can see over it then so can we (and the spiders can climb). There will be no phasing through the walls because you’re too lazy to walk to your door. Lastly, if your walls are not professionally made IG do not expect them to take much of a beating. Doors must have a visible archway. An archway includes a top plank and two side planks. You must also have either an actual door or a tarp/barrier you can pull across when your door is closed. Again, the barrier must be opaque.


Locks, when purchased, are assigned a difficulty rating 1 though 10. If you lock your building door then you must actually lock your building door. This can be accomplished by two pieces of string tied to the lock. One from the archway and one from the door. The strings connect at the lock. If you wish to open your door you must open the lock. Pretty simple. There is a good half dozen other ways to rep a lock but the end result has to be if you want the door open you need to have the key and take the time to open the lock. If your door is locked, the outside of your door must have a large “L” taped or attached to it. If your door is unlocked the “L” is removed. I’d suggest a small hanging plaque that you can turn around. Like an “open/closed” sign. This will indicate to pc’s and npc’s who cannot see the lock, that the door is locked. If there is no “L” your door is unlocked (regardless of actual IG locks).


Cost of Living – What it is and how it works


A Cost of Living expense is what is normally charged for adventurers, like you, to continue to flourish in a comforting lifestyle. It is what it costs for your character to continue to train and grow in your chosen profession, while still being able to eat and afford the more mundane things in life. Things like having your shoes cobbled or fixing that busted frying pan. Normally these more mundane tasks are provided at a very reasonable rate by the local peasantry. In a perfectly balanced town the Cost of Living is zero (or coppers). The peasants do their part keeping down the CoL for the adventurers and the adventurers do their part by keeping the local peasantry alive and healthy. Once in awhile things become unbalanced. This could be a result of poor character decision making or it could be something that is totally out of the player’s control. Examples would be drought, plague, rampant farmer killings, etc. When the peasantry chooses not to, or is unable to, provide their services at a reasonable rate, the cost of living rises.


When the cost of living rises, the adventures find themselves forced to either do these mundane tasks themselves, taking away from the time they should be training, or paying others, at a high rate than normal, to do it for them. This covers a wide spectrum of services. Food may have to be imported, specialists may have to be brought in and paid or inexperienced craftsmen may have to work harder and longer to do something an experienced craftsman could do easily. All that costs money.


Here’s how this affects you, the PC. As a player, you are always allowed to apply 1 blanket to a character of your choice. When the cost of living is zero you can freely apply a second blanket without penalty. When the cost of living is 1 or higher you must pay the cost to apply the second blanket to the same character. Remember that applying blankets to your character represents your character spending time and energy, learning that skill. If their time is being spent growing food in the garden, fixing shoes, or hunting for meat, you are not spending that time training. So you either pay the CoL to have that work done for you so you can find the time to train, or you simply don’t train. Additionally, the higher level you are, the harder and longer you must train to get those advanced skills. So, the higher level you are, the higher your cost of living is. The Cost of Living is chosen by severity of the problem plaguing Jericho. It can range from 1 silver / character level to 10 gold / level and beyond.


Cost of Living will apply to every player equally and in most cases, there is no recourse to this outside of fixing the root cause of the imbalance. We leave that planning to you.


Finally, this Cost of Living mechanic is not new. It has been around almost since the creation of Underworld. We used it a few years back during a peasant revolt. We look at it as less of a punishment and more as a reminder that characters have a responsibility to the town they live in. If they ignore it, life becomes more difficult. To further show the importance we think this holds, we actually lose RL money when we raise the CoL as fewer players donate for frags to apply a second blanket. We’re ok with that but we take it seriously. In this game world players have a simplified degree of direct control over their environment. You can revolt, find ways to import farmers, spread propaganda, etc. Don’t just sit in your camp and take whatever is fed to you, instead change the world around you. Other larps don’t allow this but we do, take advantage of it.


This cost does not have to be paid in actual coin. It can be paid in trade or barter but understand logistics will not be giving back change when you pay it nor will haggle through rp. They will only look at tag value and if you choose to pay with the appropriate value in tags, cost value will be used. Things are being done currently, IG, to help the situation and if they are successful you will see the Cost of Living lowered. If they are done poorly it may rise. You should help because this now directly affects you.


Additional Policies


Age Restriction


Underworld’s age restriction is 18 years of age. We expect all players to be mature enough to appreciate the importance of conducting themselves in safe manner while in an outdoor, natural environment. Often, the game is played after dark. It is important that all players understand the inherent dangers involved and do not become so carried away as to place themselves or others at risk. Chasing people through the dark woods, climbing trees, or traversing ravines, though usually harmless, can be very dangerous if people are not respectful of their environment.


We are very conscientious of the safety of our players. Parents (or anyone else for that matter) are welcome to visit the site, meet players, etc., so as to make an informed decision. Please feel free to contact ownership at comments@larp.ca if you’d like any other questions answered or want to arrange to visit our site between events.




Donations are converted into frags at a rate of 150% of the cost of donation. Frags cost $3 each, as per the Soul Frag Guide. We pay a higher ratio for handmade items to be determined on a case by case basis.


Please bring receipts for store-bought donations! We pay taxes!


Standard donation prices are 25 frags for 150 spell packets, 10 frags for a 1H weapon, 15 for 2H and 20 for a shield give or take based on size. Most other donations will be a case by case basis and all packets and weapons must pass inspection.


Any and all donations MUST be given to logistics, at the start of event, in order to be properly credited for frags or refunded expenses. Donations taken by NPC’s, Shapers, Shaper camp, and those placed and left inside a cabin, will not be credited. We’re seeing too many players handing off donations to Shapers, NPC’s and/or other staff members, which never end up getting sent to the logistics.


We want to be able to properly credit you, when you spend your hard-earned time, money and materials. In order to do that we have to insist that every donation passes first through logistics, where it will be assessed for quality and documented. In order to be financially refunded for donations, all donations MUST be accompanied with a receipt.


Ask about donations first!


When it comes to donations, we are happy to split the frags rewarded between multiple players who worked on them, such as spell packets.


Volunteer Rates


Underworld Jericho’s standard rates for volunteering for events such as conventions, demos, etc. are:

3/hour for staff, maximum 25/day

5/hour for lead staff, maximum 35/day


Special cases may go beyond the above with ownership approval.


Selling food at events


In order to sell prepared or perishable food at Underworld Jericho events, you must have authorization from ownership that goes beyond the standard vendor fee. Our insurance requires that additional steps be taken to ensure we are following proper health and safety standards. There will be a limited amount of food vendors per season. Please note that this applies only to prepared and perishable food sold for profit. Contact us directly at comments@larp.ca if you’d like to apply.


Mature Content


Everyone, who wishes to play should be aware of mature content, in the form of “medieval speak”. Often, players will speak of “wenching, brawling, or battles” while in character. Sometimes, depending on the player, the expletives can be quite colourful. While Underworld does not encourage this, we do not prevent it. Underworld is a game designed by adults for adults to play.


In addition to this, people should be aware of the fact that the Underworld LARP Jericho sometimes runs plots that contain mature subject matter and challenging social issues. Though they are tastefully presented (and done so with “growth of opinion”, not shock, in mind), some people may take offense or become uncomfortable when becoming involved in such plots. We respect your right to leave the plotline if you wish to do so, and we respectfully encourage you to discuss the issue with us afterwards. Though we will not change our policy, we will happily explain what the motivation and purpose of such content was to the story, and why we felt it effectively and appropriately used.


Underworld LARP Jericho does not run storylines involving rape or sexual assault.




Underworld LARP allows for a character to belong to one of several different “faiths” if they choose to do so. These faiths are entirely fictional in intent. Do not attempt to parody or mimic any real-world religion.


Illegal Substances and Alcohol


Don’t use illegal drugs at our game. We’ll kick you out of the event if we catch you using or possessing them. Our insurance does not allow for the consumption of alcohol while playing at an event. Do not bring it to the site. We REALLY get annoyed with people who think it’s not a big deal


There are only 2 exceptions to this rule:


  • Smoking is allowed at DESIGNATED areas.
  • Sometimes we will allow a player (19+) to bring wine for use in cooking (stews, etc.), but we only approve it when the player notifies us in advance and shows us the wine in question.



Vendor Tables


Underworld LARP is happy to offer our players the chance to sell their products, services and wares while at our events. We recognize that much of everything that gets sold, in one form or another, benefits the game. Because of this we’re able to offer players the means to sell your product and make profit as a direct result of the Underworld LARP event for a very small vending fee. Vending fees are broken down into 24 hour periods. A 24-hour table is $10 while a full weekend table is $25. Payment in product will not be taken. Underworld LARP reserves the right to refuse any vendor if their services or product is deemed to be harmful or detrimental to the game in anyway. Players or staff found to be making profit off services or product, without a vending license, will be subject to disciplinary action including the possible ejection from game. Vendor fees are not refundable. Please note this only applies to players making profit with real life currency. In-game sales for in-game money are unrestricted.


Sleeping in Cars / Sleeping OOG


Please do not sleep on site at events in your car. PCs found sleeping in cars will wake up with a note placed on your window and you will need to go resurrect. There will be exceptions to this rule (you are sick or your tent is flooded) but to take advantage of that you must first speak with a shaper or medical marshal.


Sleeping OOG (or being OOG in general) is not normally acceptable. The exception to this rule is if you are sick or injured. If this is the case, you MUST find a medical marshal before you retire for the night. Until you do you are not considered OOG. If someone tries to kill you in your sleep and you tell them you are OOG and it is found out that you are not, you will take 2 deaths and likely be given a Player Warning.

The Grim and Garbage Elementals. Monsters that Motivate.


As many of you know last event we sent out a number of Garbage Elementals and, for the first time, a Demon Lord known as “The Grim”. Garbage Elementals, as a general rule, are spawned when we see too much garbage around a specific camp. The creatures do not attack that camp however. They attack other camps while making it clear where they spawned from. The logic behind is should be seen if you continue reading. The Grim is the same kind of deal. The Grim grows in power the more we hear players speaking out of game or the more players complain that there is too much OOG speak happening. This event The Grim was very strong. People died, which under normal circumstances, wouldn’t be much issue but given that the purpose of these creatures is half OOG and half IG, there was some outcry. The largest complain was along the lines of “I’m a great role player, I never talk OOG and I always clean up my garbage, why was I attacked by these semi IG/OOG creatures?” It’s a valid question. Below is our explanation:


The Grim


What it boils down to is that we have an amazing game of amazing role players who generally stay in character for a majority of the time. We’ve set that bar and we’ve set it high. Maintaining this elite level of gaming comes in two forms, the owner’s responsibility and the player’s responsibility. Both Ted and myself have a vested interest in keeping the IG bar high, 24/7. It nets us more quality players and is one of the driving forces that makes us the largest game in Canada. When the OOG talk increases, and we start to get complaints, we do our best to handle the situation OOG with the offending players but sadly we can only go so far. There comes a time when we are simply unable to handle the problem on an OOG level, likely because it is being too big or involves too many players. To offset this, we expect our veteran players to help moderate the game they love, so that it stays at the quality that they love. This isn’t a friendly suggestion. It’s something that is expected. Our player base must take an active part in maintaining the quality of role playing, costuming, garbage cleanup, etc simply because we cannot do it alone. If a player does not agree with that on an OOG level they are welcome to go to another, less quality, larp but really, I don’t think it’s too much to expect. Think of it like living in a large house with many roommates and you get new ones once and awhile who don’t really pull their weight. The landlord does his best to tell them to keep things clean but the other tenants have a vested interest in doing the same simply because if they don’t they have to live in that person’s crap pile. So, to summarize, as a player we expect you, and all the other players, to help keep the integrity of the game high.


From time to time the player base fails or grows lax in that responsibility. I don’t think it’s intentional. I suspect it’s just because they don’t realize they have stopped doing it. In this case, we must create motivation. The Grim was created to remind players to help keep the game at the quality we expect but it isn’t the first step we take. We can tell it’s failing by the increasing number of complaints we get from players and npc’s. If things get bad enough, and we’ve done everything we can do as owners, things get stepped up. So, we do things like make speaking OOG illegal IG. We call it infernal and we stress how wrong it is in the game world, hopefully to discourage people from doing it. If that isn’t enough, as it was this year, we’re forced to take a heavier hand. If we’ve gotten to this point things are grim (no pun intended). We’re forced to hit players where it hurts. We introduced a demon lord who’s only purpose is to remind the players that they are not doing a good enough job in moderating themselves and that, as a result, the quality of the game is suffering. We do not target anybody individually but we will target the high level player base as a whole. This isn’t to say you specifically are not doing your part. Really it’s impossible and unrealistic for us to have a pre-Grim meeting, determine who is doing a good job policing IG and who is not, based on a player base of over 300 players. On top of that every answer is subjective and every person we say no to will argue until their blue in the face about how they do their part and how they are great role players, etc, In the end, the purpose of The Grim is to curb the OOG talk and keep the quality of the game at a level that Ted and I expect. If some characters have to die for that to happen then some characters have to die. If some players have to quit because of that then we’re sad to see them go but maintaining a high-quality game is more important than those few players. If you want to talk numbers we feel it nets us more quality players in the long run compared to the players we lose.


This isn’t to say every player has now go out on infernalist hunting patrols or final death anybody who says the word “Pepsi.” The real rulebreakers, and the ones we look at as candidates for a Grim level bump, are the players that speak out of game without putting a hand or weapon to their head and those that are engaging in an entire OOG conversation around other players that are IG. A little OOG talk now and again is fine and to be honest, expected. We do it too. Larp is a social event and we want to talk to the people we like and don’t get to see often. That being said, if you need or want to speak OOG the onus is on you to ensure you are not interrupting another players IG experience. You also have to be careful who’s in the bushes. You can be most assured that if I’ve spent the last 1/2 hour sneaking up to execute you, and I finally get to your back and you’re talking bout Gears of War 3, The Grim will feed. The exception to the rule is when we give warning that The Grim will arrive. During that period, I’d suggest you be on your best non infernalist speaking behaviour, at all times


Garbage Elementals


Garbage Elementals are the same kind of deal. We need players to moderate players so that garbage doesn’t happen. Punishing the rare person, we see litter it isn’t enough. Players have to know IG and OOG that this is wrong and if they do it, the town is out to get them. It’s the only motivation that works on the level that we need it to. Trust me when I say The Grim and Garbage Elementals are our last resort and they only come out when it’s bad. Well the Grim comes out every year but if there is no OOG talk at all that year I’d give him like 5 body and a small puppy.


Let me summarize. Targeting individual players who do wrong is not enough to keep the game at the integrity level we require. We do it when we can and, as you can see, it isn’t enough. So the players must take an active part. If they do not then there are IG consequences. Those IG consequences do not care about the individual but instead act as a bloody reminder that everybody has to do their part. The corpses of the dead, their retaliation, and the actions of their friends/cap, are that reminding force. Most players think that that sucks but they recognize the necessity of it. Others don’t or are unable to see it, and quit. Either way the result is the same. After last event, there will be much less OOG talk and the quality of the game will return to what we need it to be in order to increase our numbers and keep things fun


I understand not everybody agrees with the methods or tactics we apply to our game world or rule set. Sometimes we’re wrong and we make a bad call. It’s possible that we’re losing more players by doing this then we are gaining by having less OOG talk in the game world. There isn’t much evidence that will support a strong argument either way so we just have to go with what our guts tell us. In this case, they say that players and owners, moderating and mentoring other, less experienced players, will draw in more players then we lose. Losing a life isn’t the end of the world. It’s actually pretty common. We’ve even instituted a mechanic to allow players to buy back deaths. I realize it’s more the principle than the actual death but all I ask is you trust us enough to know what is better for the long-term game. It’s more important than your character.




Site Policies


Site Rules


  • No open flame anywhere other than a pre-approved fire pit
  • All fire pits must be approved by ownership
  • Smoking is permitted at fire pits only. All butts must be tossed into the fire or field stripped
  • Consumption of alcohol and/or illegal drug are not permitted on site.
  • No fireworks or pyrotechnics are allowed unless approved by management
  • The site borders are fences and road. If you hit either then  you have left the site.
  • There are designated outhouses throughout the site. Please use it if you need to go and for the love of Kael keep it clean
  • Respect the land. Help remove garbage, deadwood and large rocks from paths if you see it.
  • If you see trespassers inform them this is private property. If they do not leave, then find a member of management. Do not become aggressive.
  • All food not eaten and food wrappers should be burned if not being kept. Do not feed any animals or leave food for the animals to be attracted too.
  • All garbage that cannot be burned in the fire (ie: pop bottles, cans, glass bottles, bottle caps plastic and metal) can be put in trash bags. Recycling bags will also be provided to dispose of recyclable material.  Garbage must be taken off site with you.  Do not leave it on site for others to deal with.
  • All coolers and food should be kept in one location away from your tent when not being used. Be critter smart.
  • Parking is provided. Cars may drive on site before game starts and after game ends. If you arrive late you will be forced to lug your gear from the parking lot. Cars will not be allowed on site after game has started Friday night. REDUCE SPEED when driving into the site. Animals are a plenty!
  • You may enter the site early on Friday with permission but do not build fires until there is a member of management on the premises. All players must vacate the property by 5pm on end day unless given express permission to stay
  • Do NOT drive through the open field. We have made roads, use them.  There are hidden rocks in what looks like an open field.
  • Use your common sense. Borrow somebody else’s if you can’t find it.




In order to have a campfire you must have it approved by ownership (David Ashby & Edward Watt). We will only approve campfire pits if you have at least 5 or more people camping at your location. This avoids 70 players and 35 campfires. If you have been approved for a fire pit, you have a huge responsibility. If you are the last person at the fire pit you MUST either put it out or remain at the pit until you are relieved (or the fire goes out). If we happen upon your camp and your fire is going and there is nobody there you will lose your fire pit and likely worse. DO NOT LEAVE FIRES UNATTENDED!


All fire pits, are now required to have a unused, functional, Class A+B, fire extinguisher. It must be viable and within easy reach of the fire pit. Fire Extinguishers are to be provided by the private camp. Town Centre’s will be provided by us. If the extinguisher is forgotten or not functional, the fire pit is NOT considered approved. Fire extinguishers can be picked up at any Canadian Tire for about $30.


Fires, in approved fire pits, can only be started with traditional fire starting methods (paper, kindling, etc) or slow burning, low heat, fire starter. The use of kerosene, gasoline or any high combustion fuel is NOT allowed.


Furthermore, no structure (wooden, tent, etc) can be within 15 feet of an approved fire pit.


We have no issues with people burning wrappers, paper or food waste in there fire pits in their camps. However, you CANNOT burn:


  • Aluminum foil
  • Cans of any kind
  • Glass
  • Water bottles, or plastic bottles of any kind
  • Bottle caps or anything else made of metal


If any of the above are found in your fire pit after the event, beware the consequences. There will be no exception. If you burn any food or wrappers, please make sure they burned completely and cannot be pulled out by any passing critters.


Cabin and Structure Policy for our site (“Vandalheim”)


On our dedicated site, Vandalheim, we have several options available to create and build our little medieval village. On the flip side, there are a lot of things we can’t do due to liability and zoning. This living document will act as our policy mandate for those who wish to help us create something awesome on the land we now own.


We want you to help us build this land into something really amazing to play on. We want to give you the ability to create camps and homes that give the game a more realistic feel. We also aim to give you as much freedom and authority over your own hard work as we can – we just also want to make sure everything is done safely and by the book.


Cabins (4 walls + roof) Building Approval.


  • Building blueprints must be drawn up and submitted before any construction may occur. These blueprints need to detail the width, length and height of the structure. They must also specify the material used, estimated time of completion and any special additions that we might need to know about.
  • All buildings must have the approval of David Ashby. An on-site visit will happen and the location will be marked out, tagged and a notice of approval will be signed by both parties.
  • Once you’ve been given your notice of approval, a leasing agreement will be drawn up. Only a single person may sign this agreement. This agreement will state that the true ownership of the building belongs with the site owners (as we’re the ones liable for it) but we are, in good faith, giving you the following authority:


  1. You may use this cabin for as long as you play Underworld Jericho. This applies to all characters that you create.
  2. You may allow guests to stay at your leisure, charge them rent out of game, and remove anybody from the cabin as you see fit.
  3. If you choose not to play Underworld Jericho you may transfer this lease to another player or Underworld LARP Jericho Ownership. A cabin may only be transferred once in its lifetime. If you choose to transfer the lease agreement, you will sign off on a new document which will name the new leaseholder. If the new leaseholder leaves the game for whatever reason, the cabin and the lease agreement will default to Underworld LARP Jericho Ownership.


In addition, you must also agree to the following requirements:


  1. Keep the cabin in good general repair. This includes painting, pest control, sealing holes and roof maintenance.
  2. Provide Underworld LARP Jericho Ownership a key to the entrance. This key will be kept locked and only used in emergency situations such as fires or safety issues.
  3. Locks will not be changed without approval from Underworld LARP Jericho Ownership and new key provided.
  4. A yearly cabin inspection by Underworld LARP Jericho Ownership, at the start of the larp season. Additional cabin inspections may be necessary if there is reason to believe the cabin has become unsafe. In those cases, Underworld LARP Jericho Ownership with contact you and give you a reasonable amount of time before entering.
  5. If you fail to play Underworld LARP Jericho for more than 6 months the cabin will become inactive. During this time, no player may sleep in the cabin until its lease agreement is resolved. The cabin lease holder will have 60 days from the day the cabin becomes inactive to contact Underworld LARP Jericho Ownership and reach a resolution on its status. If those 60 days have passed and a resolution has not been reached, the cabin lease agreement will default to Underworld LARP Jericho Ownership.
  6. If you are taking a leave of absence for longer than 6 games, for military deployment, family emergencies, etc., simply contact us ahead of time and we’ll work out a solution
  7. Once the cabin agreement has been completed you may begin construction! Any deviations from the original plan must be submitted and signed by David Ashby or an approved construction manager. All construction must be completed by the agreed upon time. We do not want half finished structures that lie dormant for months or years on end. If construction stops and no approval has been granted, the partially finished structure will default to the Underworld LARP Jericho Ownership. We will have completed it at our discretion or removed if necessary.




  • All cabins must be 108 square feet or less (12×9). Roof is included in this size limit, but a reasonable overhang can be allowed (~1 foot).
  • Flat roofs are not permitted.
  • All cabins in town center must have their back facing the marked-out area where our fence walls will stand.
  • Cabins may not be attached to each other.
  • No plumbing is allowed.
  • No internal heating is permitted. No wood stoves or the like.
  • Cabins must be structurally sound. We don’t want them falling over due to weather or combat.
  • Cabins must be pleasing to the eye. We don’t want a bunch of greying chipboard structures dotting the land. Cabins that have traditional medieval flare are more likely to be approved than prefab cabins.
  • Once your cabin is complete it will be inspected. If it passes inspection both parties will sign off on the approval document and the cabin is yours!



We’re strict on trailers on site for several reasons. There are certain bylaws we must abide by. Some of those bylaws are being negotiated with the city at this time. Until that is resolved the follow rules regarding trailers are strictly enforced.


  • Trailers will be allowed on site for use during events. There can be no overnight use between events.
  • All tires must be kept inflated and the trailer kept in rolling condition.
  • There will be no emptying of grey or black water on the site. You may have to take the trailer offsite to a trailer park to empty your tanks.
  • An attempt must be made to make the trailer look period and cover anything infernal. Trailer appearance must be approved by Underworld LARP Jericho Ownership before approval will be given.